Our Story

“Complexity is your enemy.

Any fool can make something complicated. 

It is hard to keep things simple. ”         

                                                                                        ~Richard Branson~

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to demystify and simplify the often misunderstood journey of finding visibility and voice in a world that’s grown louder than ever. How? By diving deep into your story and business, we craft a tailored plan. But it’s not just about planning; it’s about actively implementing that plan to bring your unique narrative to life.

At the age of nine, Ruth’s storytelling journey commenced with her first camera, a gift from her father. Frequent relocations, due to her father’s career, prompted her to capture moments and create narratives through photography. Against the odds, Ruth pursued photography academically, uncovering a passion for graphic design and art direction — skills she soon recognized as essential for her career growth.

With two decades of graphic design expertise, Ruth evolved from a skilled creator to a strategic Creative Director, skillfully managing her own projects. Navigating the intricate balance of creativity and administration in her independent venture, Ruth faced the Herculean task of wearing multiple hats. To amplify her impact, she strategically expanded her team, transitioning into a true Creative Director. Today, her journey fuels her commitment as a business mentor, empowering others to transition from ‘doer’ to ‘leader’ in their ventures.

Ruth’s contagious passion for creative direction manifests not only in her visual narratives but in her role as a dedicated business mentor. With a proven track record, she stands ready to guide you through the transformative journey from practitioner to visionary in your business.